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Our collection of free games for girls is where you'll enjoy all of your most girly interests and secret dreams. Have you ever dreamt of changing into an attractive princess who’s friends with all the handsome princes and heroic princesses of Disney movies? Do you wish to spend a full day buying party dresses, shoes, purses, or maybe wedding cakes and bridal dresses on a limitless budget? We got you covered! Here you'll find only girls games, as well as dressing games, make-up games and cooking games. Or maybe you simply wish to spend your time fantasizing about celebrity dates, matching up your favorite pairings, or imagining a life in the spotlight as a known performer or influencer. In our games for girls you'll give freedom to your princess dreams, or your hidden desire to become the most sought-after celebrity stylist, to manage your own stables filled with lovely horses, or to run a known chain of restaurants. we bring you the best mix of cooking games and more!

Experience the eventful life of a princess

Just like Barbie has had a very varied and eventful career as a known icon of femininity, the many princesses in our online video games rise to all sorts of exciting adventures. Whether you’re accompanying your favorite princesses to a red carpet event or a space mission to Mars, you’re in for loads of fun and excitement. Help the most fashionable princesses and models to get ready for a photo shoot on an exotic island, or accompany your favorite female heroes at the hospital after a busy day battling the forces of evil. Organize pool parties, dates, and weddings. There’s a lot to do and to experience!

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